Important details


Each lesson takes 45 min, so 3 lessons mean 3×45 min.


I provide an individual schedule for all of my students, so you don’t have to adjust yourself to one group’s set timetable. (Daytime, weekend and evening appointments are available too.)


In my studios I work with professional products from MAC Cosmetics.


30 hours course

You will learn how to make for yourself a professional makeup look, practicing on your own face.
After in-depth theoretical training you will learn the basic principles of professional makeup art through practical exercises.

On demand  a personalized syllabus can be arranged for you.
We will learn about the nude, daytime, special occasion and smokey makeup styles.
Using the highlighting technique we will learn about the shading of the face (making the nose look smaller, the face slimmer, double chin, baggy eyes, contouring bones…)
We will build 2 types of eyelash extensions: individual and straight.

Highlighter course

In this course you will learn how to shade your face and make a fully professional makeup look through 3 different techniques. This is the technique which allows you to soften your features without any surgical intervention. You will learn how to make your nose look smaller, your face slimmer, hide a double chin, or baggy eyes and contour bones. By the end of the course you’ll be so good at the highlighting technique that you can even add it to your morning makeup routine!

Mini course

First, you take part in a 3 hour makeup consultation, followed by 3 practice sessions.

360 hours makeup master training with diploma +180 hours practice (with possibility of employment!)

This is the first makeup master diploma in Hungary that is accepted worldwide.
The course is built on the 180 hours course.
The syllabus is the same as the 180 hours course, except in this one after a few months I will provide you with a job where you can earn back the fee of the course.
I provide a paid practice space for 120 hours in my makeup workshop, where you can absorb yourself in makeup consultation. We will finish each of the course’s two semesters in a photo shoot.

180 hours professional course with certificate

We are going to learn about the following:
daytime makeup, special occasion makeup, nude makeup, how to make smokey eyes, dramatic smokey eyes, shading techniques, male makeup, contouring bones, shading of the face (making the nose look smaller, the face slimmer, double chin, baggy eyes…), the highlighter technique, cat eyes, wedding makeup, fake eyelashes (two different types), makeup for mature skin, historical makeup styles, makeup inspired by different ethnicities (Arabic style, Japanese Geisha style, Indian style, Cleopatra makeup … ), fantasy makeup styles.
The participants of the course will take part in our makeup contest. You will have opportunities to participate in photo shoots, film shoots, fashion shows and beauty contests.

To obtain your certificate you will have to pass a written exam at the end of the course.

We finish the course with a professional photo shoot, where I will evaluate the photo of the finished makeup. This appears on the certificate: ’Certification of completion of 180 hours of professional makeup training and the completion of a successful exam’.
Course price: 350.000 HUF.

30 hours course (professional makeup artist module 1)

A taste of the makeup artist profession’If someone is unsure about becoming a professional makeup artist, this course is a great opportunity to try yourself in the wonderful world of makeup art.
You will gain experience working on models and if you wish, on yourself.
After the theoretical training the students can learn the basics of professional makeup art through practical exercises.
As this 30 hour course covers the basic principles, it is valid as the first module in the 180 hours course. Anyone considering continuing  with makeup education would be wise to take this course!